Time now to move to secure our best futures

Rather than arguing about past mistaken methods British used to colonise here, better now to take serious action to redress the serious problems caused by those mistaken methods.

The time for pretence in this regard is long over, as it is for the divisive politics of previous centuries. 

It is only when we attend to redressing the damage done to First Peoples lives, well-being and living countries by British authorities, and their colonial heirs, that we can secure a sound foundation for all life in this country.

This had to be done in a genuine and healing spirit of cultural partnership with First Peoples.

The time for pretence in this regard is long over, as it is for the divisive and adolescent politics of previous centuries. 

Fully mature people are required to fill our vital decision-making positions.

Those who aspire to lead us must demonstrate a commitment and proven ability to healing life.  We look to incoming Senator Pat Dodson in this regard. 

There will be plenty of rear-guard forces seeking to maintain their priveleges rather than adopting a more elightened approach. Their outmoded methods are divisive and manipulative. We need to rise above them.

A wider peoples movement is required to provide support so we can have the real healing resources needed to accept and tackle this major life challenge. But how?

Could this be a role for the National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples?

It is now time to move to secure the best for all our futures.