Having already nuked First Peoples living country … a megabuck radioactive megadump

South Australian Royal Commission report preliminary “findings”

From Sydney Morning Herald

Nuclear waste a $5 billion-a-year opportunity


“The preliminary findings from the South Australian government’s royal commission into nuclear opportunities released on Monday found that a purpose-built facility to deal with nuclear fuel rods and other waste could bring substantial benefits, particularly to that state, but would require bipartisan support at federal and state level.
Kevin Scarce, a former South Australian governor who spent almost 12 months taking evidence from 128 witnesses, found that a sophisticated storage and waste disposal facility could deliver $5 billion in revenue annually for the first 30 years, and would be “highly profitable” because of strong demand from other countries.
The finding was immediately blasted by environmentalists. The inquiry found more than 390,000 tonnes of spent rods and nuclear waste is stored temporarily worldwide and is looking for a permanent home.”


SA Royal Commission into nuclear matters paves the way for enhanced and ephemeral profits for uranium mining shareholders $$$!!! and an eternal enduring mega-toxic future for peoples living counties.

“Becoming involved in uranium processing isn’t a commercially viable option during the next decade because of an oversupplied global market and significant uncertainties. But fuel leasing, which links uranium processing with its eventual return for disposal, may be commercially attractive.” SMH

Just just repeating those key words “exciting” “opportunities” “billions” … Mandrake gestured hypnotically.

Do not mention human error, accident, corruption, party poltical funding scandal (both sides), storage leakage, lethal legacy, genetic mutations, ….

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