Famine looms in Papua New Guinea – climate change?

People in New Guinea are some of the finest gardeners in the world, and have been so for a very long time.

Are they now suffering due to the high energy habits of unearthed lifestyles in other parts of the world which are changing the global climate?

Either way, we should be sending aid to our neighbours to assist them at this time.

From Sydney Morning Herald

PNG’s food bowl is all but empty as drought affects 2 million people
… a devastating drought hits Papua New Guinea with a force few rural villages were prepared for ..

The Papua New Guinean National Disaster Centre estimates the severe El Nino-driven drought currently affects 2 million people in this large Pacific island nation. In a population of 7.3 million, 87 per cent live outside urban centres; most are subsistence farmers.
The Highlands region has been called the “food bowl” of the nation, so when drought strikes, the effects ripple throughout the economy: food prices skyrocket, large-scale migration occurs as people search for work or short-term cash, and city workers send money to villages so families can buy food to survive.

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