A glimpse of Central Australian Cosmology via Orion and Pleiades

Glimpses of Aranda Cosmology
Part 3
Orion and Pleiades – Complementary Opposites and/or contested realities?
Bruce Reyburn.  October – December 2015

 “In spite of all the exceptions, all the shades of distinction that should not be omitted, and all the necessary corrections, I nevertheless believe that throughout the world Orion and the Pleiades are seen as being both in correlation with, and in opposition to, each other.” (Claude Levi-Strauss, “The Raw and the Cooked” 1969:226 – paperback).

It is very easy, I find, to become both visually and conceptually captivated by the Pleiades at the expense of Orion. The Pleiades are the very essence of scintillation, especially when cast as a group of young women as the Seven Sisters being pursued by a male Being.

Orion, often cast as a single man – a great hunter – often feels to have been relegated to a more secondary role – the pursuer who suffers some form of deprivation.

There has been good work done in relation to the Pleiades/Seven Sisters in Central Australia. The role of Orion, the other partner of the complementary-opposite relationship, requires more work.