Glimpses of Aranda Cosmology – Part 2 – Astral Coding – Milky Way- Presence and Absence

In this second part i look at some of the work of B. G. Maegraith, who visited Ntaria-Hermannsburg in 1929, to study Western Aranda and ‘Luritja’ Astronomy. While he found that the night sky was divided into two big camps, Luritja and Aranda respectively (with the two combined in the Milky Way), I take a closer look (based on his findings) of an important exception in light of more recent thinking regarding “Mother’s Brothers” and “Sister’s Sons”.

I then explore some matters regarding the Emu in the Sky, Rainbow Serpents and similar – without reaching any conclusions.

And i touch lightly on the issue of ‘philosophies without ontology’, systems of signification – and the need for a new approach with the stress on relating.