Post #utopia vision. Form a new political peoples movement to heal life in this country..


“What can we do to make life better for First Australians?”

Many people, having watched John Pliger’s documentary “Utopia” on SBS (or elsewhere) are asking this question.

Governments have clearly failed. Many reconciliation groups and funded organisations very carefully avoid ‘politics’.

We need political action.

A new peoples movement is required – one which accepts that we are facing a major political challenge.

Changing life in Australia to make an extremely ill-situation ‘better’ requires political action by people committed to non-violent ways of political change.

People who are moved to action constitute a genuine peoples movement.

Restoring full health, wealth and well-being to First Peoples has to become a primary objective of a new peoples movement.


A key part of aiming for that objective – we need to ensure that the voices of First Peoples themselves are in the Australian Parliament after the next Federal election.

Action is better than idle talk.

What actions is required next?

Send your short action suggestions to and (provided they are not libellous) i will post them on this songlines blog.

For longer action suggestions, post them on the net somewhere and send me the url, which i will share here.

Bruce Reyburn
1 June 2014

APPENDIX for discussion purposes:

Initial sketch of how a New Peoples Congress could be formed.

A partnership arrangement between First Australians and Gubbas (non-indigenous peoples) to operate in a spirit of cultural partnership. (see note below)

A two-sided form of organisation based on respectful relating between Elder Brother and Elder Sister on one side and Younger Sister and Younger Brother on the other.

How First Australians (Elder) side is organised a matter for local/regional First Peoples.

Candidates for Parliament to be selected/endorsed by First Peoples.

Non-indigenous side of New Peoples Congress to be based on Federal Electorate area. Subject to volunteer effort and monthly donations, with a part time co-ordinator in each Federal Electorate.

No State or Federal level of organisation. These just empower elites. Local Delegates sent to larger gatherings and report back.

Voting rights (policy, strategy etc) of non-indigenous side restricted to people who either volunteer a certain amount of effort and/or, if on a real income, tithe a regular monthly payment. Mere talkers, time wasters and conflict feeders need not apply.


(Note – this two-sided partnership form of organisational design is based on First Peoples forms of organisation, e.g. Eaglehawk and Crow, rather than on the usual ‘Westminster’ top-down system specifications.)