Radioactive futures? Yes or no? Historical juncture. Donate now.

You know, when Bob Hawke says he thinks Australia should take the world’s nuclear waste he is probably saying in public what his rich mates at the nuclear club are saying in private.

The present Warlmanpa Federal Court Muckaty case, which starts in Melbourne this Monday 2 June, is a vital struggle against the depleted-uranium tipped thin edge of the wedge to turn Central Australia into a global radioactive wasteland.

Make no mistake, once we get a low-level radioactive dump at Muckaty, the rest of Australia’s radioactive waste – from sales overeseas – will follow. Then other radioactive waste.

The present site at Muckaty has not been selected by any scientific criteria.

I reckon that is why they will not store our little bit of low-level radioactive waste at Lucas Heights. Their eyes are on future profits by storing heavy-duty radioactive waste in Central Australia – in the living countries of First Peoples.


The Warlmanpa court case and campaign has been running on empty for years.

These cash-strapped Warlmanpa people are up against the Commonwealth of Australia, which has vast financial and legal resources to represent the same mining interest which distort our democratic political process.

Many of these First Peoples in the NT people have had their cash benefits replaced by ration cards by the same Australian government! Their fighting spirit is not diminished but they need cash and need it now

NOW is the time to put some fuel into their tank via Beyond Nuclear Initiative fund. It helps Warlmanpa people to participate in their own court case by buying some diesel for the Toyota so they can get to court; to have a feed in the process; to travel to remote Court rooms; recharge their mobile phones so they can communicate and so much more which we take for granted.


I made my small donation it via the BNI donate page. It is easy and painless.

Get your card details (PayPal accepted also) and click on

Let’s send some good energy along the songlines to this campaign from where we live to our kindred spirits who live in remote Central Australia

Yours in the struggle

Bruce (Japaljari)