Federal Court to take evidence in Tennant Creek in Muckaty radioactive waste case

Muckaty radioactive waste facility update from Direction’s Hearing in Federal Court, Melbourne. While the sitting dates appear on their website the formal court orders have not yet been posted ( Wednesday morning 9 April, 2014).

Here is a report from Nat Wasley, Beyond Nuclear Initiative Coordinator.

“Hi everyone,

Proceedings have wrapped up from Monday’s Muckaty directions hearing in the case Jangala & Ors v Cth & Ors.

The proposed schedule for the full court trial in June is below; please note this is subject to alteration pending arrangements being made in each location.

Proposed schedule of locations for Jangala & Ors v Cth & Ors.
June 2-6: Melbourne
June 9-17: Tennant Creek
June 19-July 4: Darwin
Further evidence may also be taken at a later date in Melbourne.

“It is very welcome that the court has ordered evidence be taken in Tennant Creek, allowing more people from the affected community to attend the proceedings. It is appropriate and important that evidence relating to the land and people’s connection to the Muckaty area is heard on that country”

Natalie Wasley
Beyond Nuclear Initiative coordinator

Beyond Nuclear Initiative

(Nat’s message ends)

PLUS – good info regarding present situation and case from the “opposed to facility” viewpoint on CAAMA radio interview (9 mins).

Note that one group of traditional owners at Muckaty have given their consent for the radioactive waste repository, hence the Federal Court case by those traditional owners opposed to it.

CAAMA (Alice Springs) radio interview on update 10 minutes http://caama.com.au/good-news-for-muckaty-mob