Statement from a Muckaty Traditional Owner Penny Phillips re: meeting Minister Ian Macfarlane.

“We have heard through Senate questions that Ian Macfarlane is making plans to come and meet with Muckaty Traditional Owners.

Earlier this year I travelled a long way to Canberra by myself to talk to former Minister Gary Gray.

At the same time the Northern Land Council was taking a group of people to Spain to look at the nuclear waste dump there.

I invited Gary Gray to Tennant Creek to meet us, but the NLC mob didn’t ask me to come and meet him. They didn’t tell a lot of people about that meeting, just the ones they wanted to go along.

I went to the meeting in my own vehicle and told Gary Gray he could have stopped it then, but now we have to go around in circles again and tell the new Minister the same thing.

I sent a letter to Minister Macfarlane, along with my mum Bunny Nabarula and my sister-in-law Dianne Stokes, to come here and meet with us. If he comes, we want the NLC to invite everyone to come along and meet him, not just pick one little group.

We all want to have our say.

We aren’t going to let the dump go ahead because we are strong and want to protect the land from being destroyed.”