Which way well-being?

How can we achieve Aboriginal wellbeing?
Mon 19 Nov 12,
Brigg & Johnson

“Marcia Langton and Noel Pearson have the right goals but the wrong method for achieving Aboriginal wellbeing, write Morgan Brigg and Matthew Johnson. Noel Pearson and Marcia Langton have made increasingly forceful statements about how to advance the wellbeing of Aboriginal people. Most recently, Langton has argued that access to welfare and other benefits should be linked to need rather than to race. Langton has a point. But both she and Pearson operate with an understanding of wellbeing and European approaches to the economy that deserves to be challenged. In his celebrated 2009 Quarterly Essay, Noel Pearson asks “are we Aborigines a serious people?” Pearson values traditional Aboriginal society, but worries that Aboriginal people have struggled to maintain ‘serious’ high cultu…”

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