Muckaty Traditional Owners send plea to Governor General.

MEDIA ALERT- for immediate release
March 15, 2012

Muckaty Traditional Owners opposed to a national nuclear waste dump on the Muckaty Land Trust north of Tennant Creek in the NT have written to the Governor General asking her not to give royal assent or sign the National Radioactive Waste Management Bill into law.

The NRWM Bill passed the Senate on Tuesday and the amended legislation finally passed through the House of Representatives on Wednesday.

The legislation preserves the highly contested Muckaty nomination, which is currently the subject of a federal court challenge by senior Traditional Owners opposed to the plan.

The letter signed by 29 Muckaty Traditional Owners (attached in full) says:

“Many of us are concerned and angry about the dump. We worry about what will be in it and what might be put in it in the future. We worry about the impact on country and animals and bush tucker and the old stories and new kids. We know the dances and designs for that country and we are very worried that the government is trying to put the nuclear waste dump there. We have been talking up for many years to say that we do not want the waste dump, but the government has never listened to us.”

The correspondence also requests the Governor General meet with Traditional Owners ‘face to face’ before making a decision or formally approving the law.

120315_Letter to GG re Muckaty-NRWMB