Bulding global music networks – Melbourne 18-21 November

AWME – building music networks around the globe.

Over 300 high profile local and international music representatives from some of the world’s leading festivals, record labels, booking agencies and arts organisations will be making their way to Melbourne next month for the third Australasian World Music Expo (AWME), 18th – 21st November.

AWME is the region’s largest industry conference and showcase event for roots, world and Indigenous music – providing a platform for networking, professional engagement and the proliferation of creative collaborations.

There will be 25 speaker sessions held over the course of the expo, covering everything from Marketing Your Product, to Distribution and Deals, Touring Europe and the US, Publishing, Songwriting, Reggae Sound System Culture and much more.

Registered AWME delegates will have access to some of the industries leading figures for Q&A sessions and nuts and bolts workshops that serve to create opportunities for artists and music industry representatives beyond our shores.

The list of AWME speakers and delegates includes:
• Malcolm Haynes – Glastonbury Festival / Big Chill Festival, UK
• Jason Mayall – Fuji Rock Festival / Smash Productions, Japan/UK
• Carmel M.C Foley – Chugg Entertainment Asia, Singapore
• Alexandra Archetti Stølen – Oslo World Music Festival, Norway
• Jérôme Galabert – Sakifo Festival, La Réunion
• Warren Smith – Sierra Nevada World Music Festival, USA
• Virginie Dabout – POEMART, New Caledonia
• Simeon Chapin – Cumbancha, USA
• Randy Raine-Reusch – Rainforest World Music Festival, Malaysia
• Barbara Stacey – Ottawa Festivals, Canada
• Junghun Lee – Ulsan World Music Festival, South Korea
• François Guéritot – Bacana Booking Agency, France
• Zlata Holušová – Colours of Ostrava Festival, Czech Republic
• Todd Lavelle – Lavelle Entertainment, Thailand
• Shan Wei – Midi Music Festival / Beijing Jazz Festival, China
• Min Kim – Ulsan World Music Festival, South Korea
• Lisa Whytock – Active Agency, Scotland
• Sami Sadak – Babel Med Music / Fiesta Des Suds, France
• Daniela Teuber – WOMEX, Germany
• Mira Coviensky – Harbourfront Centre, Canada
• Gary Fortune – New Zealand Music Commission, New Zealand
• Jerome Williams – Earth Beat Booking Agency, The Netherlands
• Rory Gilligan – Stone Love, Jamaica
• Stevie Lightning – Rootz Underground, Jamaica
• Sebastian Chase – MGM
• Graeme Regan – Planet Company MGM
• Annette Tripodi – WOMADelaide
• Peter Noble – Blues and Roots Festival
• Rhoda Roberts – Garma Festival
• Ian James – Mushroom Music
• Sam Cook – Woodford Folk Festival / The Dreaming Festival
• John Sinclair – Premier Artists
• Gerard Schlaghecke – Frontier Touring
• Paul Petran – ABC Radio National
• Seth Jordan – Music Journalist
• David Bridie – Wantok Musik Foundation
• Rob Scott – Sandcastle Music
• Millie Millgate – Sounds Australia
• Mark Grose – Skinnyfish Music
• APRA representatives – Sally Howland (Director, Members Services), Mark Eades (Publisher Services Manager), Kirsty Rivers (National Manager, Writer Services) and Robbie Collins (Indigenous & NT Writer Services)

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AWME has also increased the breadth of its conference program this year via a collaboration with The Push’s annual music conference, Face The Music (FTM). The AWME speaker sessions will run concurrently with Face The Music, meaning registered AWME delegates will have access to the sessions run by The Push over the course of the weekend. For details of the FTM Conference Program,