An interesting mix – Abbott, Pearson, wild rivers … Greens coming to power in Senate 2011.

Interesting comment from the Pearson-Abbott camp in Sydney Morning Herald story “Wild rivers a cage for Aborigines.’by Paul Sheehan (Monday 20 Sept 2010 page 15).

The ‘wild rivers’ are in Cape York:

”We came to believe that green lobby groups want indigenous people’s native title to amount to little more than usage rights, to hunt, fish, gather, so that indigenous people are denied the right to develop their land,” Gusmerini said.

”Green groups are moving quickly to lock up remote lands, by any means. They will use World Heritage, national parks, conservation agreements, wild rivers legislation, marine parks, privately dedicated land, nature refuges, rezoning, anything they can to stop development.

”This green appropriation will extend right across the Top End of Australia in less than a decade unless checked.”

full story (will probably only be available without charge for a short time).

Note also comments, including Liberal affiliations of Gusmerini ( There is an Abbott, Pearson alliance in play as recent events in the Federal election demonstrated.