NSW – Constitutional Recognition of Aboriginal People

From http://www.daa.nsw.gov.au

The NSW Government proposes to amend the Constitution Act 1902 (NSW) by inserting a new section, which is suggested to take the following form:

(a) The People and Parliament of New South Wales acknowledge and honour the Aboriginal people as the first people and nations of the State, and
(b) The People and Parliament of New South Wales recognise that Aboriginal people have a spiritual, social, and cultural relationship with their traditional lands and waters and have made a unique and lasting contribution to the identity of New South Wales.
(c) Nothing in this section creates in any person any legal right or gives rise to any civil cause of action, or affects the interpretation of this Act or and other law in force in New South Wales.

A 4 page Discussion Paper outlining the proposal can be downloaded from:

If you are having trouble downloading the Discussion Paper, hardcopy versions are available on request from Aboriginal Affairs NSW.

Members of the public are invited to make written submissions in response to the proposal.

Submissions should include your views and suggestions on the proposal to recognise Aboriginal people in the Constitution Act 1902 and on the proposed formulation of the amendment.

Closing date for submissions is 5 pm, 11 August 2010

Written submissions to the proposal are to be to addressed to:

Aboriginal Affairs NSW
Level 13, Tower B
Centennial Plaza
280 Elizabeth Street

Or email to: enquiries@daa.nsw.gov.au

Aboriginal Affairs NSW also accepts telephone submissions on 1800 019 998.