Tuhoe, their spiritual heartlands and the Crown … an epic saga continues

At the start of the 20th century Tuhoe prophet Rua Kenana and his followers were told, by the then NZ Pakeha Prime Minister Joesph Ward, that “two suns can not shine in the one sky”. The modern nation-state is a jealous god.

But in the 21st century, we must look to new arrangements of co-existing sovereignty if we are to find healing solutions to solve some of the problems caused by the worship of this jealous (and historically proven blood thirsty) god.

The Tuhoe peoples struggle is of epic proportions, and continues …

From NZ Hearld:

Crown’s tactics cost Tuhoe their Urewera heartland
By Yvonne Tahana


Tariana Turia: Te Urewera and Tuhoe are inseparable

* Tariana Turia is the co-leader of the Maori Party.


Paul Moon: Tuhoe’s long-standing call for autonomy