Recommendations from Senate Committee report re National Radioactive Waste Management Bill

Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee

National Radioactive Waste Management Bill 2010 [Provisions]

7 May 2010


Recommendation 1

3.122 The committee recommends that, as soon as possible, the Minister for Resources, Energy and Tourism undertake consultations with all parties with an interest in, or who would be affected by, a decision to select the Muckaty Station site as the location for the national radioactive waste facility.

Recommendation 2

3.123 The committee recommends that proposed section 21 of the Bill be amended to make the establishment of a regional consultative committee mandatory, immediately following the selection of a site for the radioactive waste facility.

Recommendation 3

3.126 The committee recommends that proposed sections 9 and 17 of the Bill be amended to require the Minister to respond in writing to comments received in accordance with the Bill’s procedural fairness requirements.

Recommendation 4

3.131 The committee recommends that the Explanatory Memorandum be amended to include a detailed rationale for, and explanation of, the Minister’s absolute discretion in relation to decision making under the Bill.

Recommendation 5

3.134 The committee recommends that the Bill be amended to include an objects clause.

Recommendation 6

3.135 The committee recommends that, subject to consideration of the preceding recommendations, the Senate pass the Bill.

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