New Way – Sydney 8-9 May

From WGAR news:

Next Aboriginal summit in Sydney in May
26 Apr 10:

“Aboriginal political activist, Michael Anderson, says the New Way Task Force will host the second New Way Summit at the Sydney University on the 8th and 9th May.

This national summit will again be broadcast live throughout the internet for all to see,” Mr Anderson said, adding that the Task Force would include any feedback or discussion people may wish to engage in during the proceedings of the summit itself.

The first summit in Canberra in January concentrated primarily on the issue of the continuing sovereignty of Aboriginal nations and this summit will again focus on recent research on this matter.”

[To find the venue enter Sydney Uni through the main gate off City Road and it’s the second building on the right facing Victoria Road a new building with lots of glass. Apparently, there’ll be plenty of flags and signs to mark the way.]”