WGAR News update – Muckaty Station radioactive waste dump

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23 APRIL 2010:


– News

ABC: Nuclear dump opponents campaign in Melbourne
21 Apr 10: “Some traditional owners from Muckaty Station in the Northern Territory were in Melbourne last night to campaign against a proposed nuclear waste dump being built on their land. Dave Sweeney from the Australia Conservation Foundation says a public meeting was held in the electorate of the federal Resources Minister, Martin Ferguson.”

ABC: Brown questions nuclear dump rationale
21 Apr 10: “The Greens Senator Bob Brown says a proposed nuclear waste dump at Muckaty Station is not necessary. Mr Brown was commenting after completing a trip to Central Australia. He says the disposal of nuclear medical waste is the responsibility of the cities concerned.”

Green Left: Nuke dump protesters target PM’s office
18 Apr 10: “BRISBANE – “We don’t need nuclear power”, Sam Watson, Aboriginal community leader and Socialist Alliance Senate candidate, told a picket against the proposed nuclear waste dump at Muckaty in the Northern Territory, held outside PM Kevin Rudd’s electorate office in Norman Park on April 12.”

NT News: Gray backs Muckaty as location for nuke dump
16 Apr 10: “THE federal parliamentary secretary for northern Australia said he supports the move to bring a nuclear waste facility to the Territory despite concern over the process of the selection of a site. Gary Gray said he supported the proposed site at Muckaty because be believed the process with traditional owners had been fair.”

National Indigenous Times:
Nuke waste dump could face legal challenge: Newhouse
15 Apr 10: “Traditional owners of land which has been nominated for a proposed nuclear waste dump in the Northern Territory are considering legal action to stop the project going ahead. … The land was nominated by the Ngapa traditional owners, one of a handful of family groups who are custodians of the land. But other traditional owners weren’t consulted, according to Sydney-based human rights lawyer George Newhouse.”

– Opinion/Analysis

Socialist Party (Australia):
NT: Nuclear waste facility to be dumped on locals

NT: Nuclear waste facility to be dumped on locals

21 Apr 10: “Federal ALP Resources Minister Martin Ferguson recently announced he intends to pursue plans for a national radioactive waste dump in the Northern Territory (NT), despite opposition from many traditional owners. The Liberals and National opposition have decided to support government legislation to do this. … The Socialist Party is opposed to nuclear power as it is an expensive and dangerous alternative to fossil fuels.”

– Background

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