National Indigenous Knowledge Centre Project

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The National IKC Project grew out of the 2020 Summit that was held in Canberra in April 2008. At the Summit, 1000 Australians were invited by Prime Minister Rudd to address the challenges facing our country. Delegates from all walks of life gathered to exchange ideas and develop options across several core areas identified by the Government. Options for the future of Indigenous Australians was one of these core areas. Participants in each policy area developed ideas and produced recommendations for shaping the direction of Australia. The Government undertook to consider all recommendations and to report back to the Australian people.

The Prime Minister released the Responding to Australia 2020 Summit Report in April 2009. This response stated that Indigenous culture is a critical part of Australia’s identity and that strengthening it is a core element in sustaining a strong Indigenous community. The Government considered that the celebration of Indigenous cultures will play a significant role in the development of policies and programs for Indigenous Australians. Specifically, the Government supported an examination of the concept of an Indigenous Knowledge Centre

The project is headed by senior Indigenous leader and academic, Dr. Jackie Huggins AM, and will:

* seek the views of Australians about ways to strengthen, support and promote Indigenous cultures,
* examine the world’s “best practice” local and international cultural management, and
* “identify how proposed models relate to existing institutions, services or practices.

An extensive information gathering and consultation program will be undertaken over several months in early 2010 to inform the project. Cultural and collecting institutions will be canvassed for their insights and opinions on the potential elements of a National Indigenous Knowledge Centre. Indigenous leaders and organisations will be similarly engaged and Indigenous communities will be consulted on country as to their aspirations for, and requirements from, such a Centre.”