Macquarie 2010 – Governor Macquarie was a terrorist.

NSW Governor Macquarie waged a war of terror against Australia’s First Peoples.

How will this be handled by those seeking to ‘celebrate’ his bicentenary?

See “Macquarie 2010 Bicentenary Commemorations

The 200th anniversary of Lachlan Macquarie’s appointment as Governor of New South Wales will be commemorated in 2010 with a statewide celebration program aimed at enriching our knowledge of the past and inspiring our vision for the future.”

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“Governor Macquarie’s response to the growing troubles was to set strict rules by Proclamation as to how which Aborigines could interact with the colonial settlers. The Governor also launched three military excursions to punish the Aborigines. The soldiers were given directions that all Aborigines who were met with from Sydney onwards, were to be made prisoners of war and that if they resisted they were to be shot and their bodies hung from trees in the most conspicuous places near where they fell, so as to strike terror into the hearts of the surviving natives. Many aboriginal women and children who had not been associated with any hostilities were killed.”


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