Message to PM Rudd – climate change – world suffering from too much yang – needs counterbalancing yin

Dear Prime Minister Rudd

A healing approach is required to restore balance to our planet’s climate, which is presently suffering from a curious condition – and running a temperature.

Part of the problem is due to the attempt of one side of our Being to dominate the other side. Too much yang! We think we need a lot of power – when what we really need to learn is about respectful relating.

Changing our Ways – by bringing yin and yang back into dynamic balance – is a key part of the healing solution for bringing the temperature back to where it should be for overall well-being.

Yin is cool.

To lead in the 21st century is to find the healing path – to recognise the place of yin in our lives – and to put it into our everyday practice.

In order to encourage others to reduce their impacts on the world’s climate, we have to change our ways (from those of the last two centuries) to show them how it can be done.

Yours truly

Bruce Reyburn

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