Time for a real debate about the 1901 Australian flag in 21st century

Australian Flag Day – 3 September

The Australian Flag was designed at a time when the racism of the White Australia policy was at its height. There was no recognition of the rights of Australia’s First Peoples in the 1901 Constitution.

The present Australian flag has been burnt on at least one occasion by indigenous leaders near Parliament House in Canberra. And many indigenous people regard their own flags as best representing their interests,

There is a now an attempt, by those who refuse to recognise the damage done to Australia’s First Peoples under this flag since 1901, to belatedly find an indigenous reference in the flag by talking about the Dreaming significance of the Southern Cross. (See link below – is this another act of shameful expropriation?)

Rather than using this back-door means to regain some degree of respectability for the 1901 flag, we need a genuine and informed community conversation, with First Peoples as cultural partners, about which flag or flags will represent Australia’s peoples in the 21st century.

A conversation on this subject can only be started by a genuine peoples movement, as those who rally around the flag of yesteryear have, so far, clearly demonstrated their minds are closed.

It over to you to raise this issue.


You may note there is no place for genuine feedback on the australianflag website.