Meanwhile, across the Tasman (where they have long had Maori seats in Parliament)

John Key apologises to Te Arawa on Crown’s behalf
NZHERALD Friday Aug 28, 2009

“Prime Minister John Key today formally apologised on behalf of the Crown to Te Arawa iwi and hapu for breaches of the Treaty of Waitangi.

The Crown had breached its obligations under the treaty in past dealings with the iwi, Mr Key said at Owhata Marae in Rotorua today.

The apology is part of a treaty settlement.

The breach included a failure to protect tribal structures and to actively protect the interests of the iwi and hapu when purchasing land.”


(and note that in Australia the Prime Minister has only apologised to the members of the Stolen Generations – for one specific chapter in the sorry saga of British expropriation of First Peoples living countries and their right to control their own affairs. A big apology – and reparations – for the rest of it is still required. Lest we forget, indeed.)