"Indigenous rights expert claims Australian policies racist"

ABC radio – Updated Thu Aug 27, 2009

“A harsh light has been shone on Australia’s treatment of its indigenous people with the United Nations’ independent expert on indigenous rights saying a key Australian policy is racist and in breach of two international conventions. The Special Rapporteur on indigenous rights, Professor James Anaya says race discrimination laws — suspended to allow the Northern Territory response to abuse and dysfunction in some communities — should be reinstated now. He also says despite Canberra’s refusal so far, reparations must be paid, over past wrongs to Aborigines. After his 12-day visit to cities and remote areas of Australia, Professor Anaya has challenged not only specific policies, but has also pressed Canberra to aim for a genuine partnership between white and black.Professor Anaya will now prepare findings for Canberra’s input, before a final report goes to the U-N Human Rights Council.”