Uranium Pete

Said Pig Iron Bob
to Uranium Pete
“First your stand
then you hold your seat”.

Uranium Pete
Uranium Peter

He appealed to the younger voter

Looked real solid

Turns out he’s a floater

Uranium Pete
Shaved head looks neat
and with a Minister’s Crown
it’s now complete.

This Democracy is sure hard to beat.
Thank U-sponsors. Thank U-Pete.

Hey, Uranium Pete
How do you sleep
Now our beds are burning?

With Queensland Kevin
You must be in heaven
Burning midnight oil
to, oh, a quarter to eleven?

Gee, that’s late.

Hey Uranium Pete
How do you sleep
Now our beds – wow that’s hot! – are burning?

Oh Uranium Pete
You look real neat
With your businessman’s suit
and your rooty toot toot.

Uranium Pete
Uranium Peter
he lit a cigarette
on a parking meter.

“It was a normal day.”

Hey Uranium Pete
Can you feel the heat?
You made your bed
– and hell – now it’s burning!

Hey Uranium Peter
How do you sleeper
When you dancing to the tune
of the industry’s beeper?

Uranium Pete
Uranium Peter
a sell-out success
sacred country mess.

Oh dear Pete!
Oh dear! Peter –
Please report to the office
of your brother’s keeper.

You’ re out of order.