Ethnocide in 21st Century – NT style

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– Media Release

WGAR: Bilingual education under threat
22 Jun 09: “The Northern Territory Government has taken steps to limit and phase out bilingual education in their jurisdiction. There is no evidence that this move will help any students to achieve better results at school. Ellie Gilbert, a spokesperson for WGAR said today that these moves are counter to the Australian Government’s decision to adopt the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.”

– Event

Bilingual Education in the Northern Territory:
Principles, policy and practice
AIATSIS Research Symposium 9am – 5pm, 26th June 2009
Venue: Visions Theatre, National Museum of Australia, Canberra
“At the start of the 2010 school year, the number of hours of bilingual teaching in Northern Territory Two-Way schools is set to decrease by more than half. The public debate that followed the announcement of this policy change revealed a need for further research on the models, achievements and challenges of bilingual education in Indigenous communities. Acknowledging this research gap and
recognising that the new policy represents a significant shift in educational practice, AIATSIS will hold a one day symposium to debate and discuss the policy change and its implications.”

– Background

For up-to-date info on the issue, see:

Friends of Bilingual Learning – Google Group
“Supporters of Bilingual & Multilingual education, living and learning in the Northern Territory.
Recognising the importance of language in human development, identity and wellbeing.”

For background on the issue, see:

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