Prescribed Area Peoples’ Alliance Statement

Posted in WGAR NEWSLETTER on 22/06/2009 – see

Prescribed Area Peoples’ Alliance Statement

20 Jun 09: “We members of the Prescribed Area Peoples’ Alliance have made the following statement from our June 18-19 meeting in Darwin. Everybody else has their rights. Aboriginal people aren’t recognised. They don’t want to listen to us because they want our land. We are our own leaders, passed down through our families. We don’t need leaders in parliament to speak. We can use our own voice.

Stop the Intervention: Self Determination not Assimilation
* No takeover of Aboriginal town camps
* Full funding, housing and services for all communities
* No blanket welfare quarantines
* Reinstate the Racial Discrimination Act
* Aboriginal control of Aboriginal affairs

The government says they support the declaration of the rights of indigenous peoples but they haven’t made it legal. The government has to make it legal. All Aboriginal people are being treated as second class citizens. …

[Newsletter Ed. note: Northern Territory Aboriginal communities targeted by the Australian Federal Territory Intervention have united as PAPA, the Prescribed Area Peoples’ Alliance.]

Australian Aborigines publish a long catalogue of complaints about their treatment.

Stop the Intervention: Self-Determination not Assimilation