NEW BOOK OUT: The Indigenous World 2009

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The Indigenous World 2009

Editor: Kathrin Wessendorf

The textile industry was one of the first manufacturing activities to become organized globally, as mechanized production in Europe used cotton from the colonies. Africa, the least developed of the world’s major regions, is now increasingly engaged in the production of this crop for the global market, and debates about the pros and cons of this trend have intensified.

This yearbook contains a comprehensive update on the current situation of indigenous peoples and their human rights, and provides an overview of the most important developments in international and regional processes during 2008. Over 60 indigenous and non-indigenous scholars and activists provide their insight and knowledge to the book with:

– Region and country reports covering most of the indigenous world.

– Updated information on international and regional processes relating to indigenous peoples.

The Indigenous World 2009 is an essential source of information and indispensable tool for those who need to be informed about the most recent issues and developments that have impacted on indigenous peoples worldwide. It is published in English and Spanish.

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