Is this good enough? We think not Mr Rudd.

In my open letter to PM Rudd of 4 Nov 2008 (see ) I suggested there were three crucial nation building projects:

“1. Urgent action to reverse the long neglected health and well-being needs of senior indigenous men – the original law carriers – who are dying far too young and unable to play their key role in their communities. An “Elder Centred approach” is required to truly stabilise people’s lives.
2. A compensation/healing fund for hurt members and families of the Stolen Generations (by way of a tribunal and not through the courts).
3. Initial and adequate funding for a culturally appropriate means of representation for First Peoples to enable them, as cultural partners, to participate fully in Australia’s systems of governance – as of 2009.”

A reply has now been received from Kate Huntington an advisor to the Minister for Indigenous Affairs which i attach as a pdf file. Click on “huntington” below to read.