NT Prescribed Area delegation urgent request for funding to travel to Canberra

NT Prescribed Area delegation urgent request for funding to travel to Canberra:

Convergence on Canberra 2009 (on 3 February)

Hello, I’m Barbara Shaw from Mt Nancy, Mparntwe (Alice Springs).

For the past 15 months the Intervention Rollback Action Group (IRAG), which is made up of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people who give their time voluntarily, has been working to support people directly affected by the Northern Territory Emergency Response legislation (Intervention).

We are now organising to travel to Canberra again for the first day of Parliament. We want to send a strong message to the wider community from people directly affected by the Intervention. The Intervention is not working; it is not the way to work with our people to solve the problems affecting us.

To give Prescribed Area people the opportunity to share their stories whilst in Canberra, IRAG will hold workshops, public forums, film screenings and meetings with politicians and other interested groups.

To achieve this, it will cost approximately $40,000 to take a delegation of Prescribed Area people from the Northern Territory. Most people will travel by bus, camping along the way, and camping in Canberra to help keep costs down.

A national fundraising campaign is now under way. An art sale will also be held via our website as part of our fundraising effort.

IRAG constantly works on a range of activities to support people directly affected by the Intervention, arranging meetings, recording people’s stories and sharing them with others, providing advocacy and information, organising film screenings etc. A full synopsis of our work for the past
year is posted on our website:

Our work continues because the government is not listening to the voices of the people or understanding the unforeseen impacts of this Intervention. People are demoralised and disempowered, and many are becoming angry at what is happening to them. The voices speaking up against the Intervention are gaining strength by standing together and we see Canberra as a great opportunity for these voices to be heard.

Donations may be made directly into our bank account:


(Bendigo Bank Alice Springs)

Account Name: Intervention Rollback Action Group

BSB No: 633 000

Account No: 134157049

(Please advise by email (rollbacktheintervention@gmail.com) when you make a deposit so we can track (and thank) all donors.)

Or donations may be sent by mail to:

Intervention Rollback Action Group
PO Box 8488
Mparntwe (Alice Springs)
NT 0871

For more information, or to become involved in this campaign, contact:
Barbara Shaw on 0401 291 166 or
Marlene Hodder on 0438 816 851 or 08 8952 5032.

With thanks for your continuing support.

Barbara Shaw

2 January 2009