Treaty of Waitangi – 1 Sept 2008 – Closing date for submission of historical claims

“Closing date for submission of new historical claims – 1 September 2008

In December 2006, the Treaty of Waitangi Amendment Act set a deadline of 1 September 2008 for the submission of all new historical claims to the Waitangi Tribunal. The Tribunal will not be able to register or inquire into any new historical claims submitted after that date.

Historical claims relate to legislation, policies, practices, acts or omissions of the Crown that occurred before 21 September 1992. If you already have a historical claim registered with the Tribunal (it has a Wai number), this deadline will not affect you.

The same applies if you have previously sent your historical claim to the Tribunal and are waiting for it to be registered. In both cases you may still amend your claim after 1 September 2008.”

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