NT election and nuclear waste dump in eternal living country (aka Muckaty Station)

We need to pay special attention to the messages of politicians who are not standing for re-election. The former Member for Barkly in the Northern Territory is Eliot McAdam, did not stand in the latest election.

” ABC – McAdam goes out swinging over Muckaty dump

Retiring Labor Northern Territory MLA Elliot McAdam has criticised his federal colleagues over what he says is a lack of consultation about a possible site for Australia’s first nuclear waste dump.

The Member for Barkly says a number of traditional owners and other people oppose the nomination of Muckaty Station, north of Tennant Creek, for a waste dump.

Mr McAdam has called on the Federal Resources Minister Martin Ferguson to visit the region and consult the community.

“The whole process has been flawed. Very clearly, TOs haven’t been involved. Other sectors of the community haven’t been involved. And until such time as a repeal of the Nuclear Waste Management Act, then effectively this doesn’t allow anyone to have a real say in the Barkly in respect to the proposed site.”

He is also calling for an independent inquiry into the nomination of Muckaty Station for the dump, and is calling on the Resources Minister Martin Ferguson to visit the region to hear people’s concerns.”
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Traditional owners don’t support Muckaty nuclear dump: Greens

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“The NLC says the traditional owners of Muckaty Station overwhelming support the nomination of their land as the site for a national nuclear waste dump.”

The Greens spokeswoman on energy says a letter from Muckaty Land Trust traditional owners shows that not all of them support a nuclear waste facility being built at Muckaty Station in the Northern Territory.

The site north of Tennant Creek was put forward by the Northern Land Council last year.

Senator Christine Milne says the letter, sent recently to the Federal Resources Minister Martin Ferguson, states that traditional owners who have their dreaming sites along a haulage road are against the proposal.

The letter has 28 signatures and Ms Milne says it shows there is strong resistance to the proposal.

“They specifically say that they were not consulted and that the Northern Land Council doesn’t speak for them and they go onto say that they’re sick of the secret talks.

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Call to candidates to take stand against nuclear waste dump

Date: 21-Jul-2008

National and Territory environment groups today called on all candidates contesting the upcoming Northern Territory election scheduled for August 9, to oppose the Federal imposition of a nuclear waste dump on the people of the Northern Territory.

From The Age June 2 2008

Ziggy Switkowski, who chaired the former government’s nuclear taskforce, said the waste would be largely medical — a low-level hazard now “scattered over hundreds of locations, hospitals and universities” that was “probably not well managed”.

But The Age understands the dump could hold spent fuel rods from Europe that Australia has agreed to dispose of under an international agreement, including parts of the Lucas Heights decommissioned reactor.

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