A Sorry day message to PM Kevin Rudd – May 26 08

I heard Kevin 07 saying, in regard to blocking the Liberal nominee Mad Mal Brough to the indigenous housing panel, that he (Kevin) did not want to play politics with this.

Now lets see if i have got this right:

Kevin, a non-indigenous man from Queensland, has been elected as Prime Minister of Australia.

He is running the show.

All is well in the world, apparently.

Australia’s First Peoples. meanwhile:

* remain without recognition of their co-existing sovereignty,
* they have no culturally appropriate or even bureaucratic means of political representation;
* there are no indigenous people in the Australian Federal Parliament;
* members of the Stolen Generations are not to be paid compensation for the trauma they suffered;
* First Peoples are not paid a resource rental for the use of their living countries (from which they could buy their own homes, if so moved);
* the exploitation of their mineral resources props up the whole non-indigenous economy;
* Anglo-Australia has no treaty or treaties with First Peoples to legitimise the folly of British colonisation …

Aw, come on, Kevin, come out and play.

We’re waiting for you.

Bruce Reyburn

Sorry Day 08