Need for a hostel for indigenous men – Western Sydney.

From Living Black on SBS TV (repeated Friday 9 May 08)

Spotlight on Teddy Hart (Extract):

KG: Tonight we cast the Spotlight on a humble man from the bush, Teddy Hart. Teddy is an Aboriginal consultant cultural worker at the ‘Shed’, which provides much-needed services and support for Koori men in Sydney’s western suburbs. …

Teddy Hart: We need is to get some more like programs going, so I started up a few programs which is going OK, this will sort of break the cycle for the men. So that they can get into the work force and all that and they’ll feel better themselves, their self-esteem will come up, yeah. The big, my main one is to get hostels going for them, like what happens now if they have a blue with their missus and that, they get kicked out, they’re walking the street, the copper’s going to pick them up instead of taking them to a place where they need to be, they’re going to lock them up. You know, that’s wrong.

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