The GetUp Mob's "From little things, big things grow"

Already The GetUp Mob’s “From little things, big things grow” has featured in over 80 newspaper articles and is getting airplay on stations nationwide. But to inspire real change our song needs to reach an audience of millions – and it can only do that by rocketing up the music charts.

Can you chip in only $1.69 to make this song echo around the nation? Only a few thousand more units need to be sold to knock Madonna off her perch, and all proceeds go to achieving Indigenous equality:

By buying this song, you’ll not only be part of a movement harnessing the goodwill that came out of the apology, you’ll also be part of the national conversation on reconciliation. Next Tuesday night we’re taking that conversation into pubs, cafes and homes around the nation – click here to join a ‘Reconciliation GetTogether’ taking place in your postcode, and begin to build a bridge of understanding.

If you’ve already bought the song, please tell all your friends and family today, to spread the message – simply forward the email we’ve prepared below. If not, simply click the link below to be part of history, or buy the song from iTunes today:

Thanks for helping make history,

The GetUp team