Ideas Summits – growing calls for Treaty – from ABC website

PM on hand to hear youth 2020 visions – (Posted ABC website 13 April)

The Youth 2020 Summit in Canberra has delivered its ideas for inclusion in next week’s 2020 national gathering.

The issues covered include refugees, childcare and the environment and despite his overnight flight from China, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was there to accept the proposals personally.

“You’re the youth of the nation, you’re the nation’s tomorrow and so the process has to begin with you,” he told the summit’s participants.

From 40 main ideas, the list has been narrowed down to just 10, including a paid parental leave program available to everyone.

They also proposed a new relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

“I’d really like to see that brought forward and get a treaty signed,” summit delegate Kenneth Torres said.

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Indigenous Affairs tops list at Canberra 2020 Summit (Posted ABC website 6 April)

The Canberra 2020 Summit has been hailed a success by organisers and delegates.

More than 300 delegates participated in the talk-fest, which represented a cross section of Canberra’s academic, sporting, cultural, youth and political community.

Chief Minister John Stanhope says one of the major issues to emerge from the summit was the plight of Indigenous Australians.

“We covered eight areas today from Indigenous affairs through health, sustainability, education and skills. There’s no area about the future of our city that wasn’t covered,” he said.

“There were some big issues in relation to Indigenous affairs and very strong commitment to a treaty with Indigenous people within Australia.”

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