Call for submissions Australian 2020 Summit

The Australia 2020 Summit will examine 10 topics.
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Topic 7 Options for the future of indigenous Australia

* How we forge a new partnership with between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australia to overcome disadvantage and provide practical pathways to the future
* The role of targeted programs and interventions such as the Northern Territory Intervention and the Cape York Welfare Reform Trials in achieving change in remote communities
* How we might promote economic development in remote Australia to provide Indigenous community members with the opportunity to be economically independent
* Improving access to mainstream programs by Indigenous Australians
* Promoting and preserving Indigenous culture, languages and traditions.

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All Australians will be invited to make submissions on each of the 10 future challenges. These will be submitted to the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet which will act as the secretariat for the Summit.

Contributing a submission to the Australia 2020 Summit is a way for all Australians to be involved in bringing the best ideas forward to address Australia’s long term challenges.

All submissions will be made publicly available on this website and will be presented to the Australia 2020 Summit participants to stimulate discussion and ideas about addressing our future challenges.

Individuals, schools, groups, and organisations are invited to make submissions.

You can contribute a submission online, by downloading a form and mailing it, or by contacting the toll free number to have a form mailed out to you. Toll free number: 1800 703 599 (during business hours Eastern Standard Time)

Submissions must be received no later than 5:00pm Wednesday 9 April 2008.

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