New Australian government – new flowering for Australian life.

The stunning election victory of the Rudd ALP on Saturday November 24 marks the end of the depressing years of the Howard government and the beginnig of what may prove to be a new flowering in Australian life.

In coming weeks and months there will be many announcements regarding a new era in indigenous and non-indigenous relations. As we all begin to feel just a little more ‘relaxed and comfortable’ (at last) there is a need for moving to ensure that indigenous well-being is restored to the top of every agenda.

When the new government is sworn in it should move without further delay to implement the indigenous social justice package which was prepared under the previous Keating ALP government in return for the delivery of ‘certainty’ for Anglo-Australian business.

The indigenous social justice package as a whole may need to be revised, in negotiation with First Peoples, but there should be no delay now in terms of restoring to their lives some of the certainty which has been neglected and abused over the pervious 11 or so years.

Time now to put First Peoples first!