Call to commit to a bi-partisan approach to indigenous well-being

Sent: Tuesday, 30 October 2007 1:05 PM
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Subject: Call to commit to a bi-partisan approach to indigenous well-being

Dear Mr Brough


It is obvious from your reaction to the wonderful speech of Marion Scrymgour (telling it how it really is) that you are presently incapable of appreciating the need for a Federal Minister of Indigenous Affairs to be the leading advocate and champion for the cause of restoring full well-being to this country’s First Peoples.

Here is a real test for you – commit, well-being before the election, to a fully bi-partisan approach to restoring indigenous health and well-being .

Commit to putting the political divisions of non-indigenous life to one side and commit to placing the well-being of First Peoples above such divisive and destructive games.

The leading advocates for restoring full indigenous well-being at this time, prior to the Federal Election, will be fully committing their side of politics (irrespective of the election outcome) to the adoption of a truly bi-partisan approach in indigenous affairs – and one which works in the closest consultation with First Peoples in their communities and with their chosen representatives.

The true champions for addressing the major challenge in Australian life (restoring full well-being to surviving First Peoples) will be the people who place their emphasis not on preconceived non-indigenous solutions (rammed through Parliament) but on getting the PROCESS right at the outset. Effective policy will emerge from such a process, it cannot be specified in advance.

A truly bi-partisan approach is required from both sides of politics for healing solutions.

This is the acid test, the hard real test to rise above our own conditioning.

A test sorting out those who really care from those who use and abuse First Peoples for their own narrowly pre-conceived purposes and ends.

Your call, Minister. Man or mouse?

& yours truly

Bruce Reyburn

PO Box 257
Thirroul NSW 2515