Life's Big Unfix is on!

Taking post-modern perspectives does a couple of things.

It removes all claims of ‘privilege’ to those modern cultural scripts, narratives, grand narratives, master narratives etc which claim to have exclusive access to reality, truth, etc. These are all control trips of some kind or other.

“Yes folks,” says the spruiker, “All modern stock! Out they go! We have a full range of modern grand narratives, master narratives, one-size-fits all narratives, modern nation-state narratives, political party narratives (some shop soiled) and we have to get rid of the lot! On the Right we have Capitalism, Darwinism, Secularism, Fundamentalism, Three – count them – Three different and conflicting brands of monotheism (all claiming to represent the One True God and displaying their true values at present in the Middle East). We have Left over stock from the 20th century. Marxism, Communism, Trade Unionism, Socialism. Out with the lot! Out they go!”

A post modern approach frees our minds from the strangleholds of the past in order for us to be able to move,


Yes, there are real contradictions and paradoxes.

And resolving those contradictions is best achieved by negotiation rather than by one-sided ‘solutions’ being forcefully imposed.

A post modern approach makes room for many different points of view and accepts that there are many different ‘takes’ on life, including those (and others like them) listed above.

What a post modern approach does not accept – and rejects whenever encountering it – is the claim of any single ideology that it and it alone is ‘privileged’ and has the only answer.


The role of the modern nation state is to enforce a single interpretation of experience – on us all – by way of the Big Fix – which seeks to institutionalise one-sided power relations (such as those which work in the name of ‘certainly’ for business while remaining systematically blind to the centuries of uncertainty for Australia’s First Peoples).

If only we would be so obliging as to see things their way.

To those, like Prime Minister Howard, who say (coyly) “If it ain’ t broken, don’t fix it.” we say “Australian life well and truly broken, and your previous ‘fix’ has not only set the wrong way, it will cripple life if left in that condition. To heal it, we will first of all have to unfix it!”


As the role of the modern nation state is to systematically deny the interpretations of experience which come from this countries indigenous perspectives, then the role of us others is to ‘free’ up how experience is interpreted (in order to create the space necessary for life to breath) by way of a Big Unfix!


“Step right up, folks, out goes the modern nation state (as presently constituted). We have a full range of obsolete modern nation states – Anglo-Australian version, British version, United States of America version, a multitude of European versions and their Pacific progeny. Out with the lot in one massive Bankruptcy clearance sale …”