Global warming the result of wrong Ways of Being

There appears to be little doubt that burning fossil fuels is a significant factor in accelerating global warming.

Al Gore has said that the global warming problem is the moral issue of our time. No, the moral issue of our time is to put to an end the idea that one part of life can attempt to dominate and control the rest of life.

To the extent that global warming is a result of human activity, it is merely a symptom – it is a planetary equivalent of a fever. Cooling the patient may help, but it does not cure the underlying illness.

The underlying illness is the wrong system of attitudes, wrong forms of thinking and wrong forms of practice. It is not a coincidence that the forms of activity which produce global warming are unbalanced.

These wrong Ways have deep roots, but in part they can be traced to the lack of dialogue between “the West” and “the Rest”.

For over 500 years there has been a lack of dialogue between the West and peoples in other parts of the “New World”. In Australia there has been a lack of dialogue for over two centuries.

Until we can change how our minds operate we will not solve planetary forms of illness.

The challenge is a healing challenge, requiring peaceful and non-violent forms of creative action.


Cures for the underlying planetary illness cannot come from the same sources as those which embody modern Western word-views. More of the same thinking and practices will only intensify the crisis.

Curing planetary illnesses of the present magnitude require a complete rethinking of modern Western ways. The Age of Reason failed to provide space for our special parts of Being – those which insist on respect as part of our relations with other peoples and with the whole of life.

Special parts of our own Being have been suppressed during this same time – and, in some cases, for much longer. Activating these parts of ourselves – as part of a New Peoples Movement – is the latest life-dance.


There can be no modern Western ‘leaders’ who can solve these problems. They are at the core of the problem, and remain so.

It is now acknowledged that one of the reasons for the failure of complex fantasy structures of the type necessary for ‘civilisations is that the ‘elites’ so produced lose touch with their surroundings.

Less well known is the reason so many of the followers suffer from the collapse of the fantasy structure is that they continue to maintain their faith in the elite long after life provided them with the evidence that they needed to start dreaming another life sustaining dream.

We are dream creatures and cannot get away from the need to make use of waking-dreams and fantasy structures in order to function as complex forms of life. But the need now is for new dreams and new fantasies about who we are and how we relate to the rest of life.

We are surrounded by evidence that things are well and truly off track, but in our timidity we hope it will right itself without our input and without us having to flex our selves and begin to realise our existential potential.

Time now to flex our deeper underlying selves and find out what we are made of. This cannot be done by proxy.