Some really fresh thinking – a post modern peoples movement

In recent weeks we have had:

1. the Editorial from the Lancet calling for the removal of the Howard Government as a result of its failure in regard to indigenous health and well-being
2. The call from Marcia Langton to make indigenous issues part of the zeitgeist again. “As the anniversary of the 1967 referendum approached, she said, indigenous issues needed to become part of the zeitgeist once more.” (Sydney Morning Herald story)
3. Lowitja O’Donoghue saying that “this is the worst time in Aboriginal affairs history.” With the abolition of ATSIC and the lack of indigenous voices in Australia’s Parliament there is no means of representation for Australia’s First Peoples.
4. Former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser saying that there is a lack of political will from either side of Parliament (major parties) to seriously address indigenous issues.


You would think, given the appalling situation which has arisen during the decade or so of Howard Government that a peoples movement would have grown in strength.

Instead it is virtually non-existent.

Whatever the reasons are (and they are many) the former peoples movement has failed. The processes necessary to nourish the growth of a truly effective peoples movement have not taken place.


But more than that. We (who are categorised as ‘non-indigenous’) are not merely ‘supporters’ of indigenous rights. We are not merely ‘extras’ in the fantasies of others.

Our own Being is in a process of coming into life – of Becoming – as New Peoples seeking to restore maturity to how life on our home planet is managed – and to restore some good humour.


It is time for a new peoples movement – and one which takes as its fundamental objective keeping a peoples movement spirit alive and well.

We need a PM PM.

A Post-Modern Peoples Movement (a PMPM).

Forget about modern forms of organisation. That was last century, and we are now suffering the true costs of their systemic failures.

Movement and action. We are change itself.

Forget the need for a unifying ideology. All ideology blinds and divides.

What we need now is ACTION!

Action stations.

But how?

Whatever you find creative, for example:

A National Day of Healing Action in support of:

• restoring full well-being to Australia’s First Peoples
• restoring balance to the whole of Australian life.

Where?– a both-and approach – locally and extra-locally

1. Focus on Canberra on Mabo Day, Sunday 3rd June 2007, for an inaugural PMPM National Day of Healing Action – an annual event until we remove the blockages which produce the mismanagement of life institutionalised the Australian Commonwealth (as presently constituted).
2. For all those who can’t travel to Canberra, arrange a local PMPM event for the same day (Sunday 3 June) across the country. Send out a local message and find your kindred spirits by the same means on cicada finds another – by putting out the right vibe.